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PR Archive

DateLink to Release
July 11, 2023PRWeb  “AthenaInvest Celebrates Over 20 Years Of Behavioral Investing”
June 6, 2023PRWeb  “AthenaInvest Advisors LLC Named to PSN Top Guns List of Best Performing Strategies for Q1 2023”
May 10, 2023PRWeb  “AthenaInvest’s CEO, Tom Howard, Recognized by Investments & Wealth Institute as the Best of the Best in Investment and Wealth Management Industry Awards”
Jul 11, 2021PRWeb  “Behavioral Finance Pioneer Leads AthenaInvest to $500 Million in Total Assets”
May 11, 2021PRWeb  “AthenaInvest Global Tactical ETFs Unsurpassed in Tactical Allocation Category”
Feb 11, 2021PRWeb  “Athena Global Tactical ETFs Portfolio Ranks #1 for Ten-Year Performance in Morningstar Peer Group”
Jan 14, 2021PRWeb  “AthenaInvest’s Behavioral Tactical Approach Excels In Challenging 2020 Market”
Sep 30, 2020PRWeb  “AthenaInvest Global Tactical ETFs Performance Continues With 23rd Consecutive Quarter of 5-Star Overall Rating”
Jan 14, 2020PRWeb  “AthenaInvest Behavioral Tactical Strategy Reaches $300 Million Milestone”
Sep 12, 2019PRWeb  “AthenaInvest’s Tactical Strategy Follows Behavioral Crowds to Earn Consistent 5-Star Performance”
May 16, 2019PRWeb  “AthenaInvest Global Tactical ETFs Delivers Consistent Top-Decile Performance”
Apr 11, 2019PRWeb  “Behavioral Tactical Strategy Managed by AthenaInvest, Now Available as Mutual Fund”
Jan 22, 2019PRWeb  “AthenaInvest Behavioral Tactical Portfolio Delivers Four Consecutive Years of 5-Star Returns”
Dec 18, 2018PRWeb  “AthenaInvest’s Behavioral Tactical Allocation Maintains Consistent 5-Star Performance”
Oct 16, 2018PRWeb  “AthenaInvest Multi-Factor Behavioral Strategy Outperforms”
Jun 27, 2018PRWeb  “AthenaInvest’s Behavioral Tactical Allocation Portfolio Delivers Persistent 5-Star Performance”
Feb 21, 2018PRWeb  “AthenaInvest Global Tactical ETFs Receives 5-Star Morningstar Rating”
Nov 11, 2017PRWeb  “Top Performance of AthenaInvest’s Behavioral Strategy Drives Tactical Portfolio to Major Asset Milestone”
Nov 2, 2017PRWeb  “AthenaInvest Congratulates Richard Thaler, Winner of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Economics”
Aug 1, 2017PRWeb  “AthenaInvest’s Behavioral Approach Continues to Lead Morningstar Tactical Allocation Category”
Nov 16, 2016PRWeb  “AthenaInvest’s Behavioral Portfolio Management Outpaces Peers Again”
Mar 30, 2016PRWeb  “Behavioral Portfolio Management Delivers Performance”
Dec 8, 2015PRWeb  “Behavioral Approach Earns #1 ETF Strategist Ranking”
Aug 6, 2015PRWeb  “AthenaInvest Recognized as ‘Best Tactical ETF Portfolio Manager – USA'”
Feb 25, 2015PRWeb  “AthenaInvest’s Global Tactical ETFs Portfolio Gets Top Ranking for 3 Year Performance”
Feb 18, 2015PRWeb  “C. Thomas Howard of AthenaInvest Releases Second Book: The New Value Investing
Dec 3, 2014PRWeb  “AthenaInvest Wins 2014 Wealth & Finance Alternative Investment Award”
Sep 30, 2014PRWeb  “AthenaInvest Awarded ‘Top Guns’ Performance Recognition for Three Different Strategies”
Jul 29, 2014PR Newswire  “Launch Announced for AdvisorShares Athena High Dividend ETF (DIVI)”
Jun 4, 2014PR Newswire  “AthenaInvest Leads Industry Adoption of Behavioral Portfolio Management”
Apr 17, 2014PRWeb  “Book Released by Hh – Author C. Thomas Howard Ph.D., Behavioral Portfolio Management
Mar 26, 2014PRWeb  “Athena Pure Valuation | Profitability Tops Morningstar’s Small Value SMA Category for 2013”
Mar 12, 2014PRWeb  “Athena Global Tactical ETF Earns Top Performance Ranking”
Sep 9, 2013PR Newswire  “AthenaInvest Pure Valuation | Profitability Portfolio Recognized for Performance”

Andrew C. Howard

Vice President AthenaInvest, Inc.